Masonic Priest Removed

Good! This is the way you protect your Church from error. The BBC reports:

A Roman Catholic parish priest at an elite French ski resort has been stripped of his Church functions for refusing to renounce Freemasonry.

Father Pascal Vesin was ordered by his bishop to cease his work in the Alpine resort of Megeve, the parish said.

Bishop Yves Boivineau had warned Fr Vesin about his “active membership” of the Grand Orient de France lodge.

Freemasonry has been condemned as anti-Christian and anti-clerical by various popes through history.

Bishop Boivineau ordered the priest to cease his functions…

The principles of Freemasonry are simply irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and the Gospel of Christ, teaching a false plan of salvation.

I have posted on this dark esoteric cult before:

You cannot be a Mason and a Christian.


15 thoughts on “Masonic Priest Removed

  1. I would agree that historically there is much that is very questionable and even ill about Freemasonary, but since this really began in Scotland and is most certainly English and British in its inception and history, this whole affair, also, seems to be about a power struggle between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism to some degree, noting of course that there have been so many Scottish and English Protestants that have been Masons. Not to mention the Freemasonary in America, noting both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, were Masons. The list btw, from both the British and Americans is quite long that were Freemasons! This does not make it right of course, but certainly not every Freemason is hell-bound and antichristian. I know, one of my Irish grandfathers, who left the RCC after WW1, was a Mason. But that is another family story. And of course he is before the eternity of God now! But I think it is almost like a form of Catholic “fundamentalism” to hate Freemasonary myself. Indeed how many Catholic forms of devotion are simply pagan, like the whole cult of saints, etc. But, I will forbear here. And btw, this hardly a defense of Freemasonary at all, but just a historical point itself. And note, I am NOT a Mason myself!

    But the statement, “You cannot be a Mason and a Christian”, must surely be measured in some personal manner as well. For again, not every Mason knows and imbibes all of Masonary, just as not every Catholic knows and imbibes what is simply not biblical in Catholicism! But again, the debate will go on, historically, theologically and personally! 😉

    1. NOT AT ALL.
      Continental Masonism has nothing to do with the original Masonism of the Scotsmen. French Masonism is rabidly anti-Christian, and has been so for many centuries. The Laws of 1901 forbidding religious orders, the 19015 stripping the Church of its properties and countless other attacks on the Church by the Republic originates in the Grand Orient de France, the largest masonic lodge in the country.
      Please, please, don’t comment on what happens in a society you know nothing of the sociology or history!!
      I shall add that Protestants in France are not fond either of free masons. The recently retired Lutheran Bishop of Paris who used to be member of a theistic lodge now says that there are no more believers among them, that they are all anti-Christians, and therefore could not in conscience remain member of this organisation.

      + pax et bonum

      1. I was a Royal Marine Commando, an officer in Recon (retired from the reserves, but I had over ten years active service), I knew several men who were Masons in the RMC’s, but were also Protestant Christians. I did not see any antichristian aspects in these men! I fear (for the most part) you are reacting from your cherry picked idea of history, and just your own ad hoc . And this is 2013 and not 1901 in France! For the most part Freemasonry is now mostly just a social and somewhat philanthropic group, at least what I have seen in both Britain and America.

        Btw, who do YOU think you are? I shall comment on what I know somewhat, and my own experience therein! And also how old are you, if you are still but a seminarian? I was there many years ago now, and was taught to show respect in my dialogue to/with my elders, even if I thought I knew more than they did! Walk softly mate!

        And btw the way while were at it here, I hold two earned doctorates, the D.Phil. and the Th.D. And history, was my minor. Also, since I was a “mustang” (enlisted to officer as a RMC), the history of war has always been one of my great interests! And btw too, the French really screwed-up in Vietnam, as did the Americans. But, really mostly politically for the Americans, I served in the Nam attached to the American Marine 3rd Force Recon (out of Pu Bai) over 10 months in 1968. There I also knew some American Marine’s who were Mormons, as too a few American Marines who were Masons (the latter were somewhat older men). But, I have nothing but great respect for these men, some who died in the Nam!

      2. Free-masons in France are not the sort that exists in America where its only a philanthropist’s association. Here they are really powerful, and present in every place of powers. Most of our ministers are masons. And yes, the situation here is still like 1901: we have a (mason) minister of education who said 2 weeks ago: “the primary duty of the republican school is to remove the child from any religious determinism”. See, the war on the Church by the free-masons in power is alive here.
        As to respect, maybe I got angry a little to easily, but it is improper to assume that your experience of something in a country is translatable to any place. France is a very peculiar society, very different from the British or American one, and I don’t believe any foreign commenter can grasp the underlying reasons of what happens here. No need to brag about your diplomas, I have superior degrees too, 3 of them (French civil Law, French penal law, British Law) at the tender age of 21 (I can brag too).

        + pax et bonum

      3. BTW the same minister also said “Free-masonry holds the place of a state-religion in France”.

  2. Well France has always had problems! Btw, John (Jean) Calvin was French! At my age 63, 64 in Oct,, bragging is a waste of time! Truth and interior truthfulness, must be part of us, in us, and our experience! My Theology & Biblicism is certainly part of me (and yet no perfection at all however), and not just information and mere knowledge alone! And this does only come with age and time, we call it wisdom! But it is most sad to see older men and people who have little experience, and thus wisdom! Learn it early mate, and it will stay with you as you age!

    1. Re-reading these messages, I see my reaction was prideful and childish. Sorry for that. My point remains that the free-masons we have here are not at all like those in Britain or the US, here in France there are really an important part of the political life, and the rabid enemies of Christianity.
      see for example this cover of one of the 2 most read French newspapers: “Freemasons, the invisible hand. Their power in the judicial system, politics and economy”

  3. My paternal grandfather was a 32nd degree Mason in the Grand Lodge of Hawaii. I still have his jewel, his lambskin apron and that thing that goes around the neck, whatever it’s called. And he was a protestant, whilst I’m a convert to Orthodoxy. From what i’ve seen and heard, there are Masons (who go for all the gnostic, occult stuff) and the masons (who go for fraternal and social reasons and who might not believe much of anything),,,,at least in the USA. There are even rumors that Eastern orthodox clergy have been, or are Masons of high degree! Well, they have to answer to the Lord for that. They sure don’t make their proclivities for occultism known to their synods!

    As for me, I have enought trouble just trying to be a Christian, let alone trying to memorize all that mumbo-jumbo I’d have to in a ‘fraternal order’ of anything.

  4. One of the people who went to the ordinariate in the USA publicly (on a blog) acknowledged that he was prpared to re nounce his prevoius masonic orders, in order to prevent any negative response from the RC authorities: whose experience is based on a knowledge of Italian freemasonry which nappears similar to that of France.
    I was not aware of any publicity surrounding the issue of freemasonry during the ordinariate debates: I wonder if Rome ever included a question in any clerical interview for those wishing to join? And what if the priest who baptised you: in a view from the Vatican, is that still valid if he was a freemason? For many Anglican priests and bishops were in the lodge…

  5. Of course the Archbishop of Canterbury Geoffrey Fisher (1945-1961), was a Freemason, died in 1972. Certainly there have been many, and still today there are clergy of the CoE, and other Anglicans that are Masons. But again, Freemasonry in the UK, and the USA, seems much more of just a social place today, though I am sure there are some into the Tradition.

    Btw, my grandfather (WW1 Vet. Irish Brit) too was a 32nd degree Mason, I have his ring (he loved being a Mason), think it was just the male deal, the old male club mentality. Just another generation!

  6. Again, the idea of conscience comes into play here, cannot a human being gather with some other human beings in the aspect of Freemasonry? i.e. the people therein? Freedom was one of the great ideas and really the essence of Masonry! I know my grandfather loved this principle! He spoke of this often, as one of the reasons he was a Mason!

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