Jesus: The ‘Man’s Man’

The Rev Dr Peter Mullen, a priest of the Church of England, has written a screenplay that details the life of Jesus Christ.

Oh boy. The Telegraph:

He is the priest of the Church of England whose strident right wing views against gay marriage and the European Union have brought him notoriety across the country, but now the Rev Dr Peter Mullen is taking his outspoken views to the big screen.

Mandrake can disclose that the 71-year-old former Rector of St Michael, Cornhill and St Sepulchre-without-Newgate in the City of London is hoping to break into the film industry. The eurosceptic has joined forces with new British film company, Faith Based Movies, to look for backers to turn a screenplay he has written into a motion picture.

The project, which will detail the life of Jesus, is billed in the company’s Enterprise Investment Scheme as being likely to follow in the success of Mel Gibson’s Jesus biopic. “We believe Jesus will be the most successful exposition of the life of Jesus Christ since the Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ.”

Mullen, who was ‘retired’ by the Bishop of London as soon as he reached 70, will showJesus in a new light. “This is not a schmaltzy version of The Life of Christ,” the brochure reads. “This is the story of Jesus Christ as a strong, man’s man, not the meek sometimes-portrayed effeminate figure found in Sunday school teaching.”

In the screenplay Mullen’s Jesus is “the most popular dinner guest in town” who has a muscular phisique. “His strength of body, forged from years of working with wood, completely intimidates the money changers”…



2 thoughts on “Jesus: The ‘Man’s Man’

  1. Interesting, indeed taking on the liberal media is a real task, you can bet the words of some phobia will come out from the left! One of my grandfathers worked with wood all of his life too, but he was a gentle, but strong-willed conservative man who lived through the Somme (that’s WW1) as an infantryman.

  2. every clerick in the Church of England ‘retires’ at 70 even bishops so not sure why the telegraph put it in quotes; it seems to imply it was under a cloud.

    One of the biggest mistakes the cofE made having to pay clericks a pension at 70 and also pay his successor; when in the past he could have continued for many years more.

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