Russian Patriarch Tells European Leader: Same-sex Marriage is Sinful

In a meeting with the secretary general of the Council of Europe, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church emphasized that same-sex marriage is sinful.

“If people choose such lifestyle, this is their right, but the Church’s responsibility is to say that this is a sin in the face of God,” Patriarch Kirill told Thorbjørn Jagland.

Saying that he was heartened by the popular demonstrations against same-sex marriage in France, Patriarch Kirill lamented that through same-sex marriage, “the sin is justified by law for the first time in the entire history of mankind.”




8 thoughts on “Russian Patriarch Tells European Leader: Same-sex Marriage is Sinful

  1. Indeed this sexual sin is big! It is also another sign that humanity is moving closer, with its modernity and postmodernity, unto the eschatological end! The apostasy of the Gentile nations, especially in the West is ripening! (Again, the Parable of the Ten Virgins – Matt. 25: 1-13 – is pressing us!)

  2. But the real key is that ALL sin is sin, sexual and otherwise. And ALL sexual sins are sins. So an excessive focus on homosexuality in a sea of fornication and adultery can appear to be somewhat odd, esp. when about 97% of the population is heterosexual. Preach about Christian sexuality to all people, homosexual and heterosexual, married and single, young and old, men and women.

    I’d love the Patriarch to remind Putin, various French presidents, Italian premiers, etc. of the holiness of sexuality. It is good, but can be misused by all! Heterosexual and homosexual.

  3. It would also be extremely beneficial if the Patriarch would use the same language over and over when discussing abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and divorce. I’m sure not only Russia but all of the developed world could use the constant reminders in these areas. Homosexual marriage isn’t the first problematic legalization. Just the focus of the day that takes us away from working positively in the prior areas? We need to be consistent in all these important areas. Teach and preach the full Gospel. Over and over and over again.

    If only a magisterial Reformer like Martin Bucer were alive to day and able to get Christian churches to engage in apostolic church discipline! That was Martin’s biggest goal and unrealized desire! Could we picture how empty so many of our churches would be today if priests/pastors first preached the gospel about marriage and sex and then held their flocks to it? Excluding the eucharist for fornicators, adulterers, practicing homosexuals, those aflame with lust, those who conceive children by in vitro fertilization, etc.? (Of course, Martin had some interesting ideas about divorce.)

      1. Cathy Young at Reason magazine has written some interesting pieces over the past few years about the pliancy of the ROC and its hierarchy toward the modern Russian state and Putin, including in areas like abortion. They did a large cover story on it just within past 6 months. Patriarch more willing to say things when he isn’t in Russia and when he isn’t directly taking on the Russian state. So the question is often exacty what is he saying and to whom. Notice this was to the Council of Europe. Would be interesting to see what Putin thinks about the Council?

  4. It is rightly so an ‘abomination’ before God! And so a transgression against the greatest Commandment: to Love the Lord God with all one’s mind, with all one’s heart and all one’s Soul! As well as a Transgression against the second greatest Commandment: to Love one’s neighbor as oneself! To Love God IS to keep HIS Commandments!
    It seems the world only clamors about ‘offending the sinner’–his/her rights etc. Jesus Loves the sinner but never minced the Truth! And if we don’t tell people the TRUTH, we are aiding and abetting people on their way to Hell and God will hold us accountable; it is really that clear and simple. Created in the Image & Likeness of God, we are here for the ‘Praise of HIS Glory’ and not our own – as Jesus’ Life reflected the Father’s Glory! When we counteract God’s Plan & Designs, we fashion Life (in reality death) in Satan’s Image…by mocking God and deforming HIS Creation!
    When God and HIS Commandments are eradicated from a society, the Prince of this world–Satan, will fill-in-the-blanks; then there will be Hell-fire on Earth and Hell to pay!!

    1. Amen Margaret! This is both a creational and spiritual sin! Btw, both the Catholic and Reformational and Reformed Churches need to seek dialogue on rediscovering the natural law of God! But perhaps first we must define sin once again, biblically & theologically! 🙂

      Satan is right in the centre of the sanctuary…”Has God said?”

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