Msgr Jeffrey Steenson – Witness on Salt and Light TV




3 thoughts on “Msgr Jeffrey Steenson – Witness on Salt and Light TV

  1. Just shows how little Americans know about authentic Anglicanism. Our Lady of Walsingham is totally unheard of amongst 95 per cent of English Anglicans.

  2. Aah you have opened up that rabbit hole like question of what is the Anglican Patrimony! It should be agreed that the form that the Patrimony takes depends a lot on the personal whims of those charged with putting it together. We can debate ALL DAY (oh I miss the Anglocatholic Blog!) about exactly what constitutes it.

    We can agree though, that it’s not about replicating Anglicanism as it was. It was never meant to be this. It’s about repatriating worthy catholic elements of the Anglican heritage withing the Catholic Church.

    For eg, I never experienced Prayer Book English growing up as an Anglican. Not once. Yet no one doubts that BCP language and cadence should be an integral part of the Patrimony. So your point that most English Anglicans haven’t heard of OLW is to completely miss the point.

    On that logic then becoming “Climate Change Ambassadors” and giving communion to pet dogs should instead form part of the “Patrimony”?

  3. The fact is that Anglo Catholicism is not or has never been mainstream Anglicanism, and the Ordinariate will never appeal to histioric anglicanism, which is Protestant. All that via media hype is an invention of the nineteenth century.The ritual and the doctrine are all actholic, and the Anglo catholics in England spurned the BCP.

    The Ordinariate has become a tiny Anglo Catholic theme park.

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