The Portal Mag: June 2013

The Portal is out.

Read it online here.

Or get it in pdf. here.

Now on a rainy winter day (like today, here in Cape Town), there’s nothing nicer than a cup of hot coffee and a good read.



One thought on “The Portal Mag: June 2013

  1. On the same topic, the newsletter of the ordinariate of OLW in Scotland is full of information on the the ongoing development of the ordinariate: The coming ordination of Andrew Harding to the diaconate (first ordinariate seminarian who was never a priest or deacon in the Anglican Church); 2 new seminarians joining in September the 3 the ordinariate already has (there are referred to by name, but I wonder if it’s wise to do so); the creation of 15 clusters of groups, similar to deaneries, with the appointment of a priest moderator in each; and an ordinariate day festival with a solemn BDW Mass in Scotland!

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