When Your Kids Reject the Faith

I don’t believe in God anymore

I’ve been hearing from a lot of parents whose teens are rejecting their faith.  The stories are all terrifically painful…

When teens fight you about Church, it usually has little to do with their actual beliefs about God or church.  Usually, a teen’s apparent rejection of his or her faith has to do with one of two things; a personal encounter with suffering he or she can’t make sense of or the breakdown of their relationship with you…

Well worth a read. Rest here.



3 thoughts on “When Your Kids Reject the Faith

  1. Maybe it is time for more Christian parents to “suffer the children to come unto” them by deeply listening, caring, compassionately, without sympathy? Clearly they’re needing much more respect, “deeper listening” as they mature? We’re all suffering from the same human condition & if “believing” in “God” who, whatever “S/He” maybe is mass delusion about where Jesus got his Y chromosome or how Mother Mary got that Heavenly Father’s Holy Spirtual Y chromosomal sperm or did Jesus really die or just appeared to or did aians come & take Jesus away on Ascension Day (and why)?

    Are some pretty basic questions that my parents never answered effectively, can, will you? 🙂

    1. Wow, Matthew (how old are you?), your liberal theology is quite evident! And now perhaps “aliens”? Let’s hope its just more of your supposed satire? You should have left this old RMC alone! 😉

      Btw, both my young grown sons are something Judeo-Christian’s! (both born my 40’s btw) Though I am sure that both modernity and postmodernity, have had an affect on them. Who can escape it? This is the battle! Will the true biblical-theological survive as ‘In Christ’? (Lk. 18: 7-8) Indeed this is the age of Gentile apostasy!

      And btw, our “human condition” is what Paul called sin! (Romans 3: 23)… It literally means “missing the mark” before God! And it quite continues even after Baptism, for the Christian, (Romans 7: 13-15 with chapter 8).

  2. “When teens fight you about Church, it usually has little to do with their actual beliefs about God or church.”

    And sometimes it has everything to do with their actual beliefs. Among many Christians there seems to be a prevailing denial that young people reject the Christian faith because they find it untenable and irrational. But that is exactly the case for a great many and you only need to talk to them to verify this. In the Uk it has been estimated that over 60% of teens and young adults consider themselves atheists. While the number is somewhat lower in the US it’s climbing as atheist movements explode on the scene with serious criticisms that challenge theistic world views. We no longer live in monotheistic cocoons of years gone by as the information age has has spawned an avalanche of critical perspectives that challenge the very core of Christian theology. The real question is whether Christianity as a belief system can compete and survive on this playing field of ideas. It’s been said the internet is killing religion and I see every reason to suppose it’s true. For I am one of those young people. Perhaps the best approach for Christians is not to fight this trend but to deeply question their own assumptions about what really is true. Maybe the atheists are correct after all.

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