Happiness Is … Being an Aussie

AussieMite and all…

For the third year in a row, Australia is ranked as the happiest country in the developed world, according to the Better Life Index survey.

National Geographic reports.

And that despite:

Well done!


4 thoughts on “Happiness Is … Being an Aussie

  1. Been there, and you must be kidding me! 😉 Though I did like certain places, like some aspects of Anglican Evangelicalism in Sydney! (Though they considered me somewhat High Church and eclectic! Which in places I guess I am. 😉 But this was several years back now. Btw, don’t go swimming off the coast there, just too many indigenous killers in the water! And I am not kidding either!

  2. I live here in Brisbane Australia and yes I am truly happy here! It’s a wonderful land and we have mostly clean air, clear skies. People are diverse- and probably not conscious enough of our environment and our poor record of nurturing our native wildlife (even our sharks).

    We are generally able to follow our religious or non religious beliefs with real freedom. We have a way to go with respect for EVERY individual. We need better education for all but our land truly does ‘abound in nature’s gifts’, as our anthem goes……

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