Catholic Priest Ian Dempsey Wants Nick Xenophon to Apologise

It’s the very least. Personally, I think he should seriously consider taking civil action against both Xenophon and Hepworth, and sue them for defamation.

Dempsey is relieved he will not face prosecution over allegations he abused a child in the 1960s, but says he is humiliated that his name has been “rubbed in the mud”.

He says that if Senator Nick Xenophon “has any integrity”, he will apologise for making the allegations in Parliament – but the independent MP says he won’t be apologising.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions will not pursue Monsignor Dempsey over alleged sex abuse against now-Bishop John Hepworth in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It said there was insufficient evidence to convict him.

“I can concentrate on being a good priest, and continuing to be a good priest, which is what I love doing,” Monsignor Dempsey said yesterday. In September 2011, Bishop Hepworth – the former global primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion – alleged that he had been sexually abused by Monsignor Dempsey a few decades earlier. He said Monsignor Dempsey and two other Catholic priests – both of whom are now dead – committed the abuse. Bishop Hepworth reported the allegations to the police after an investigation by the Catholic Church found no substance to the allegations.

At the time the allegations were raised, Senator Xenophon named Monsignor Dempsey in Federal Parliament.

“It’s a humiliating thing to have one’s name so rubbed in the mud and your reputation, especially when it’s done nationally as Senator Xenophon did, and that’s been difficult to cope with,” Monsignor Dempsey said.

“I hope if Senator Xenophon has any integrity he will apologise for doing something that made life very difficult for me.”



8 thoughts on “Catholic Priest Ian Dempsey Wants Nick Xenophon to Apologise

  1. Xenophon should, of course, apologise; both for his abuse of parliamentary privilege, & his sinful behaviour in blackening the good-name of a fellow human-being. That he refuses to do so speaks volumes.

    1. His Senate seat is in the mix for the election later in the year. If I lived in his State, I’d vote the Senate ticket manually and put him last. Let’s hope there are plenty of South Australians with the good sense to go to the effort of doing just that.

  2. Xenophon the general was seated in his tent
    Having breakfast on the morning of the battle
    When the priests of Ares came to him, bowed very low, and said:
    We are ready, sir, to sacrifice some cattle.

    Said Xenophon: I hear there’s been carousing in the ranks,
    And the worst of it by you, you filthy beasts.
    While it’s bad among the soldiery it’s sort of understood,
    But it’s not the conduct I’d expect of priests.

    I’ll have no wine, strong drink or gambling and no bending for a friend;
    Set examples to the troops by standing tall.
    Gird your loins and keep your tunics dangling down around your knees–
    I’ll have no pokies, no, no pokies, none at all.

  3. Well I, for what it’s worth, believe Hepworth. Dempsey is not being accused of any criminal behaviour. Just gravely sinful behaviour that disfigures the face of the priesthood into a grotesquely hideous gargoyle.

    Here’s a verse that our Catholic Bishops might care to read:
    For I have told [Eli] that I will judge his house for ever for the iniquity which he knoweth; because his sons [ie, Hophni and Phineas] made themselves vile, and he restrained them not.
    1 Samuel 3:13

    [Comment Moderated]

    1. Sorry, you’re wrong. The accusation was rape. In South Australia, where it is alleged to have taken place, that is a crime. As to your third paragraph, unless you know the man personally and have good evidence of what you allege (which I doubt, since you don’t appear to understand that rape is a crime where he lives), you’d do well to withdraw it.

      1. OK I don’t believe Hepworth was raped by Dempsey and it wasn’t what I was claiming. I wasn’t clear in my above post. If you skip the headline and look at the allegedly factual details provided by Hepworth, he is describing a consensual, if depraved act. I feel sorry for Hepworth, one day waking up to himself and asking what had becoming of himself where, he had entered seminary to serve God, and now look at him–pathetically grasping for acceptance from a glamorous homosexual clique of priests.

        I agree with Rome’s decision not to restore his priestly faculties in the Ordinariate for the reasons described here, but I do hope to worship alongside him as a layman.

  4. If you read what Hepworth alleged against Dempsey it was rape. That,certainly, was the only thing worth going to the police over–which is what he did–so which bit of what Hepworth says are you believing? And if you don’t believe all of it, why believe any of it? It appears that you have no direct knowledge of Msgr Dempsey’s sexual proclivities (which are none of our business anyway) or habits (allegations concerning which are defamatory and defensible only if true). Such things are not a fit topic of conjecture.

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