An Epidemic Has Broken Out…

… among our generation. Pornography is  ravaging the church, much like a spark that turns into a blazing forest  fire. We have a huge problem on our hands. Many pastors are overwhelmed  with everything it takes to shepherd a church, so they can’t possibly be  expected to also handle this problem without help. If pastors  don’t realize this, or we don’t acknowledge this fact, then we’re all  self-deceived. Too many men are drowning in porn, without discipling, solid-biblical thinking, and any hope to fight the battle.

Fr David MacGregor has the rest.




2 thoughts on “An Epidemic Has Broken Out…

  1. Might be useful to focus on the positives, the things we can and should be encouraging in ourselves and our fellow Christians. Do we promote getting married? Not waiting too long to be single? Do we promote healthy marital sexuality? Do we remind couples that they should be having sex? And having fun, exciting, good sex? That sex is a good thing? That a spouse shouldn’t use sex as a weapon in marriage? That the body is a beautiful work of God? Do we work to help get people out of ruts? Maybe due to work, kids, stress, aging? Do we promote healthy lifestyle choices that help marriages and marital sexuality? Do we help singles learn to date/court properly?

    Maybe the better question is…Do married couples who have positive sex lives need or use pornography? If not, then shouldn’t we be promoting this? Better a good offense? I’d rather strongly promote good things than harp about bad, though there is a time and a place for both.

  2. Our Lady of Fatima had told the three seers: “most people go to Hell because of ‘sins of the flesh’ than for any other sins”.
    OLF also said: “Pray for poor sinners, for many go to Hell because there is no one to Pray and make Sacrifices for them”! “Pray, Pray, Pray”!

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