If You are Catholic You may NOT be a Mason

Wherein blogs an unflinching Fr Z:

One of the main functions of the Church is to say “no”.

In saying “no” by the Ten Commandments, God the Father was not simply trying to ruin what would have otherwise been a good time in life.  He said “no” because, after the Fall, we tend to hurt ourselves.  Similarly, Holy Church, having Christ’s own authority to teach and govern, say “no” to things we do – or think- that actually hurt us rather than “free” us.

One of the things that hurt us, to which the Church says “no” is being a Freemason.

NO!  If you are Catholic you may NOT be a Mason…

Rest here.

Indeed, Freemasonry is quite simply:

Incompatible with Christian faith and practice.

Get that?



2 thoughts on “If You are Catholic You may NOT be a Mason

  1. I hope my comment on Catholic Masonic relatives did not cause this. It is quite common here. There was a guy who died in Iraq. The K of C were at his funeral Mass and afterwards he had his Masonic ceremony. The retired fire chief is a good man. One week the paper has pictures of all his work helping out at his RC parish. Another week they have him in his Masonic garb, handing over his position at the Lodge to a new guy.It is in the paper. It wasn’t secret, just like the Russian Catholic priest knew my uncle was a mason. He didn’t care. He passed away and got his uniate funeral. No one cared about his membership.

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