Female Anglican Priest(ess) Poses Topless for Wallpaper

Lewdness! And she’s a granny too!

A female priest has spoken of how she had no  hesitation at all before stripping off and posing topless for a charity  wallpaper.

Reverend Caroline Wright, an associate priest  at St Michael’s Church in Smethcote, Shropshire, was among 250 women who agreed  to take part in the photoshoot to raise money for breast awareness charity  Coppafeel.

The 65-year-old, who conducts weddings and  funerals and plays the organ at the rural 12th century church, said the topless  photo shoot by local artist Sam Powley was ‘great fun’.

Reverend Wright, who is a grandmother of 12  and has been ordained for four years, said she had no hesitation in taking part  in the project – but she is not revealing where she is on the  wallpaper…

The Daily Mail has the rest of this immoral filth [be warned, there is a topless photo too].

What must the poor parishioners be thinking after seeing their topless reverend standing in front of the Church on Sundays? Or while ‘play[ing] the organ’? Repugnant…

Doubt there’ll be any ecclesiastical discipline either… It’s a ‘good cause’ after all…



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