Why is the Pope so Popular?

Relevant Magazine looks at

The secret of success that has brought Pope Francis into good graces with evangelicals.

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2 thoughts on “Why is the Pope so Popular?

  1. Pope Francis is a very holy man, chosen by the Holy Spirit for this precise time in Church history; for reasons that God alone knows, for God alone has been preparing him….

  2. I fear it will all end in tears. Whilst I respect and pray for the Holy Father, he seems to be a little rash and simplistic. Maybe he is popular with evangelicals because they think he is a soft touch?To say to Justin Welby you are defending traditional marriage is a farce , when one considers he suppports divorce/ re-marriage and contraception. It is in my view very ill judged. SSM is not the only attack on marriage.

    However I do like the fact the Pope doesn’t order special shoes and is attempting to live more simply. I also loved him, when he said, ” I like my liturgy short and to the point”

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