The Sacred Heart and the Anglican Patrimony

Write Mr Charles Coulombe over at Anglican Patrimony:

For many of Anglican upbringing, the cultus of the Sacred Heart of Jesus seems a rather garlicky and ethnic sort of thing – fine for Italians, Frenchmen, Spaniards, or best Irishmen, but utterly unsuited for the more sophisticated. So many of the Sacred Heart pictures are effeminate, and things like the Auto League of the Sacred Heart merely tacky. In a word, it is so very Roman, and utterly un-Anglican!
While this this may be a not uncommon set of views, it is utterly incorrect. The key role of many Monarchs, presidents, and nobility in spreading the devotion through its history should end any worry about its social status; the Sacred Heart’s traditional popularity among soldiers and other occupations traditionally demanding self-sacrifice should dispel any fears regarding its masculinity. But, in truth, it actually has deep – if not immediately apparent – roots in British Christianity…

You simply must read on here.

One has to appreciate this celebration of Christ’s love and mercy for mankind… Behold the Heart that has so loved men …



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