6 thoughts on “The Future of Christianity in Britain? Christian First, Denominational Second

  1. The man on the left endorses divorce and re-marriage, contraception and invitro fertilisation. He also has done nothing to discpline a diocesan bishop and a suffragen in his own province who advocate gay marriage.He is in full communion with two provinces that endorse ssm.

    The Catholic Church can well defend its self and it would be foolishness itself to join with such a lying and compromised body as the Anglican communion, which cannot sound a clear trumpoet call.

    • Maybe “for the rest of the story”…

      But the “man” on the right endorces unlimited divorce, annulment, and re-marriage. And the intent to prevent conception (thru “NFP”). And he talks about the gay mafia in the Vatican. And what real discpline has happened to all the homosexual bishops and priests? Or to those who molested non-adults?

  2. The chap on the left supports no fault divorce and re-marriage. He also believes strongly in contraception. He has not distanced himself from the pro gay marraige comments of teh Bishop of Salisbury and is in full communion with the Episcopal Church which endorses gay blessings.

    The pope woould do better joining with the Mormons and the JW’s than with the liberal Protestant sect that the Anglican communion resembles.

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