A Church of England Wedding Ceremony… Disco Flash Mob in the Sanctuary

Irreverent madness!

It was the Anglican minister’s idea… Yes, minister.

Heresy always breeds disrespect and one can only now ask: How far will the CofE still fall?



6 thoughts on “A Church of England Wedding Ceremony… Disco Flash Mob in the Sanctuary

  1. Could they not have saved this for the reception afterwards?
    We know that David ‘danced before the Lord…’ (2 Samuel 6:14) and some churches do have “liturgical dancing” in their services. This is just a little over the top if you ask me. I do agree that weddings should be joyful occasions, but I ‘m not sure this is appropriate as part of the church service.
    Also,I have not seen the words “You may now kiss the bride” in the Book of Common Prayer ! Neither have I seen them in the C of E’s ‘Common Worship’, nor in ‘An Anglican Prayer Book (1989)’ used in South Africa nor the BAS used in Canada and the Prayer Book used in the Epsicopal church in the USAand the Philippines!
    Many folks who attend weddings these days are not “churched” and sadly, base their concept of marriage and weddings on what they see on TV soaps and in the movies!
    Nothing worshipful at all in this; it’s just about ‘being entertained.’
    Notice the two dear old ladies walking out of the service when the shinanigans began?
    call me a bit old fashioned but it makes you think, doesn’t it?

  2. In the old days, people had shame. This priestess obviously is so full of herself that she doesn’t know or understand the word. I nearly threw up watching that. The message of Christ is no longer enough, apparently. The CoE now needs gimmicks to make the ‘punters’ happy or interested.

  3. Apart from passively disapproving tut tutting, what can, will we in Christ-centred community do to make a much more positive contribution for future generations? Several good points have been raised, the questions about awareness raising needs to be answered. Obviously the spiritual needs, pastoral care needs to be better planned by both Parish Councils, People’s Church Wardens & Bishops? As it seems that the concerms around the Minister’s behaviours need to expanded to both Parish Council, Bishop, maybe even Synod?

  4. Fascinating that the Minister is the ‘star’ of the show, putting herself in the middle as more important than the couple who have just been married. Her role is simply to witness and bring God’s blessing. Instead of people talking about the beauty of the act of self-giving by the couple, they will be talking about the vicar instead.
    If I may posit that much of this is due to the almost complete lack of liturgical training and understanding given in the fairly appalling Anglican ‘distant learning’ courses that pass as theological training today.
    I too noticed the older couple leaving – others will think them fuddy-duddies but they are more likely to be in the church on the next Sunday than the party mob remaining behind.
    I attended a wedding in the same part of the country as this a few years ago and the female vicar didn’t even know which hand to give the blessing with and, even though she told me that other Anglican priests had pointed this out to her, she couldn’t be “bothered to change now”.

  5. Would be interesting to see various liturgies (including weddings and funerals) of RCs, Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists, and Reformed in Africa, S. America, and Asia. I think various forms of liturgical dance and other signs of enthusiasm can and do take place. What seems odd or different to us in traditional west may seem normal elsewhere? Just think of a New Orleans funeral procession with jazz band? Can’t say I’m a fan of it, but a certain variety is necessary. But with St. Paul all worship should be orderly and reasonable.

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