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5 thoughts on “Episcopal Church Services

  1. I’ve heard of losing one’s shirt at the horse races, but shedding one’s clothing to worship the Almighty; well that’s quite vulgar and totally undignified! Only the best is good enough for God! One might as well resort to “Full Moon Parties” and the like if this is the way the Church is heading. This is what Pagans do!
    Where do the Bishops stand on this sort of “innovative” worship?
    Small wonder there are parishes breaking away from The Episcopal Church and becoming part of other ‘Traditional’ expressions of Anglicanism. I have a colleague who is a priest in the the US in ACNA ,and he and his flock are awaiting a decision from the courts as to whether or not they will be allowed to retain their property or whether the Episcopal church will demand that it be handed over to them. With mounting debts and increasing maintenance costs for older buildings, the Episcopal Church will probably close his parish down, should the courts rule in their favour, and are probably likely to do so, and sell the church ‘lock stock and barrel’ in some real estate deal!
    ‘All that has happened since these’ innovations’, under the guise of making the Faith and churchgoing more ‘accessible’ to people in order to bring people back to church and fill up the pews once again, is not worshipful adoration of Our Lord. This kind of ‘thinking outside of the box” is totally ludicrous! Well I’m not surprised that it has come to this.
    As Bishop Keith Ackerman has said referring to how the rot has set in and its ensuing results, “We didn’t start the fire!”
    As Christians now, more than ever, we need to pray hard and involve ourselves in true evangelisation of the World against the powers of darkness.Christians need to live out the Gospel in their lives and thus ‘speak’ to an ever increasingly secular World, in which God has been pushed out under the guise of mutual respect and political correctness!
    Every Christian is a missionary! True mission to bring the message of the Gospel, its values for the sanctity of marriage and the dignity of every human being, will need everyone of the Houshold of Faith, to stand up and be counted so that true religion can be brought back into the churches and to those who have not yet had the Gospel preached to them.
    Good sound Biblical teaching is needed. True reverence of God , prayer , a firm grounding in the Scriptures and a sound sacramental life are the only answer to this example of “doing church”. Let us all stand up for Jesus and BE the church !

  2. Actually, “Undies Sunday” is a fun way to remind people to bring in new underwear which is then given to those in need.We do this at our parish when we help with a week long homeless ministry. It certainly does grab one’s attention. And, I pretty sure Jesus would approve.

    1. I guess you’re right. I hadn’t thought of that. I guess first impressions on reading this notice board can be misleading . My apologies if I’ve offended anyone.

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