What Is the Longest Book in the Bible?

Most resources claim that the book of Psalms is the longest book in the Old Testament, and therefore the Bible.

The claim is probably wrong.

If the calculation is based on the number of verses or the number of “chapters” or the number of pages, it is correct. But since those aren’t part of the original, they properly shouldn’t be considered to be the right criteria.

And if we’re being technical, English word-count shouldn’t be sufficient, either.

Here is a more refined set of date, courtesy of David J. Reimer (senior lecturer, Hebrew and Old Testament University of Edinburgh, who penned the notes on Ezekiel for the ESV Study Bible).

“Graphic units” counts the number of Hebrew words in a particular books using BibleWorks (e.g., there are seven “graphic units” in Genesis 1:1). “Morphological units” was found according to the Groves-Wheeler Westminster Morphological database (separates prefixed elements, but not pronominal suffixes; e.g., there are eleven in Genesis 1:1). The “Bytes” figure calculated the length of the Hebrew book in ASCII format (i.e., so there would be no interference from extraneous word-processor code).

Here are the results of the top 10:

Order Book # Verses in Book Graph-unit Hits Morph-unit Hits Bytes
 1. Jer 1,364 22,285 30,203 241,209
 2. Gen 1,533 20,722 28,848 226,894
 3. Psa 2,527 19,662 25,465 238,562
 4. Eze 1,273 19,053 26,572 214,416
 5. Isa 1,291 17,197 23,204 191,777
 6. Exo 1,213 16,890 23,934 184,372
 7. Num 1,289 16,583 23,363 182,945
 8. Deu 959 14,488 20,329 159,872
 9. 2Ch 822 13,520 20,000 154,125
10. 1Sa 811 13,506 19,211 147,392




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