Bible Archaeology

Ancient Olive Press Found in Jerusalem Excavation

Press unearthed as scientists dug out remains from grounds upon which a student dormitory will be built.

In the Jerusalem Post:


Scientists from the Antiquities Authority discovered an ancient olive press  during an excavation in Jerusalem, the authority announced on  Tuesday.

The archeologists uncovered the press – ensconced in a karst  cave – while digging out the grounds upon which a student dormitory will be  built for the nearby Jerusalem College of Technology, the Antiquities Authority  said.

“This ancient press for producing olive oil, whose date could not  be clearly ascertained, was in all likelihood one that belonged to an old town  or a farm that was on these premises,” read a statement from the  authority.

“It joins another olive press that was discovered a few years  ago in the nearby Beit Hakerem neighborhood on the other side of the Rakafot  River. These presses are testament to the centrality of the olive trade to the  agrarian economy of Jerusalem and its surroundings.”

The Jerusalem  College of Technology and the Antiquities Authority plan on turning the site  into a rest area where students and visitors can learn about how the press was  operated in ancient times.



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