Drive-Thru Prayers

Just right for a convenience maddened culture. In the Huff Post:

The Sonrise Worship Center in Lutz, Florida, offers on-the-go coffee and comfort to worshippers in a hurry, reports Patch. Their forthright signs feature simple slogans like, “Need God’s Guidance?” “Drive-Thru Prayer: Turn Here,” and “Free Prayer Ahead.”

For such a simple concept, the response has been very moving. Rather than stopping for a cheeseburger, these motorists pause for genuine spiritual comfort when life takes a wrong turn. The church’s Facebook page states, “Prayer on the go or not is #powerful.”

Pastor Tyson Prater relates, “A lady was on her way to the hospital, as her husband had just had a heart attack, and she was literally following the ambulance to the hospital, saw our sign, pulled in and asked us to pray for her and her husband.”

Drivers can warm their bodies as well as their souls by making a pit-stop, as the church hands out free cups of coffee along with their spiritual support.

What a fuzzy, useless, substanceless experience.



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