Italy: Muslims Defecated and Urinated by Altar

After stealing from the rectory and breaking into the Church. Fr Z:

From the Gazzetta di Mantova:

SERRAVALLE: First the broke in to the rectory at Libiola and stole money of the fund for the children of Grest; then, not satisfied, they went to the nearby church which, after last year’s earthquake, is a simple temporary structure of plastic and, next to the altar defecated and urinated.  It was a contemptuous, vandalic, and sacrilegious act.  Those responsible would also be identified, because a woman saw them leaving the tent.  Those concerned are four young men of Moroccan origin, one a resident of Serravalle, the others from Ostiglia and nearby towns.

The article goes into more details.  It ends with the priest:

In the meantime, a disappointed Fr. Eugenio [Ferrari] vented:

“If they had come to steal money because they were hungry, I wouldn’t have even gone to make the official complaint; I would have forgiven them.  But what they did in the church is a gesture you just can’t overlook, it is inexcusable.  … I’m sorry also because, as it seems, the deed was done by four young Moroccans.  The showed disdain for our religion.  But if I had done the same thing in one of their mosques, they’d cut my head off, no?”

Sts. Nunilo and Alodia, pray for us.



2 thoughts on “Italy: Muslims Defecated and Urinated by Altar

  1. This is an absolutely vulgar, barbaric and despicable act! Had any Christian showed disdain for an Islamic place of worship in this manner, under Islamic law, that person would have been arrested and been decapitated! Islam, as I understand that faith, means to ‘surrender’ oneself to Allah in terms of the teaching of the prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him). Radical Islam has brought about a generation of Jihadists who are prepared to go to any lengths to wipe out all religions other than their own brand of Islam through despicable acts of violence and desecration. When they die by being suicide bombers , they believe that they are Martyrs and destined for Heaven.It is the this radical form of Islam which is bringing about a total disrespect of the religions of others amongst extremists.They seem more than determined to see Christianity wiped off the face of the earth and will go to any lenghts to do so. My former Islamic professor at Assumption University of Bangkok would deplore such an act ! Acts such as these are not what Islam and the Holy Koran teach its adherents.Good on the priest for reporting this disgusting act.Let’s hope those who did this will get what they deserve!

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