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5 Christian Sites in Jerusalem You Should Know About

Jerusalem is famous for the standard sites tourists visit. The Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Holocaust Museum, and the Israel Museum top the list of many visitors to Jerusalem.


Wayne Stiles:

Pilgrims, sightseers, and worshippers from three major religions journey to the Holy City every year. Because Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all see Jerusalem as a Holy City, it’s tough to designate many of the Christian sites in Jerusalem as distinctly Christian.

After all, Christianity has its roots in the faith of the ancient Hebrews. Jesus was a Jew, and so, many Jewish sites are therefore also connected to Christianity.

Even still, I have selected eleven Christian sites in Jerusalem that have a direct, historical connection to the ministry of Jesus.

In this post, I’ll share with you the first five of these Christian sites in Jerusalem.

Read about them here.



2 thoughts on “5 Christian Sites in Jerusalem You Should Know About

  1. Great post here! Mt. Calvary and the Mount Olivet are my favorites perhaps, with others. Indeed true Christianity will always be Jewish, i.e. Judeo-Christian! (Rom. 9: 4-5) The question of why Jesus is coming back to the place where He ascended, simply must be met! (Zech. 12: 8-11…note chapters 12 through 14 flow together). Again we Gentiles come into the Covenant/covenants of Israel, (Rom. 15: 8-9, etc.) The Holy Land is just that…Holy!

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