A Case for the 10 Minute Homily

Over at Canterbury Tales a day or two ago:

Yesterday was the feast of Saint Peter Chrysologus (AD 380-450). The Greek nickname Χρυσολόγος means “golden-worded.”

His nickname refers to the fact that he was the most celebrated preacher of his time. He was the Saint John Chrysostom of the West.

But if you study his famous sermons, you’ll discover that this sermons were short. He was a master of packing it tight and thick. He did not waste words. He could preach a brilliant sermons in five to ten minutes and blow away his audience. He new that people are bored quickly. If you’re going to make an impact, you’d better do so quickly.

He is proof that good preaching is not necessarily loooooong preaching. Short and sweet.

Saint Peter Chrysologus, pray for us.




The Kalam Cosmological Argument

Dr William Lane Craig is a brilliant apologist, philosopher and theologian. In the video below, he presents a cosmological argument for the existence of God.

There is a website with more here, such as:

  • the existence of God
  • the meaning of life
  • the objectivity of truth
  • the foundation of moral values
  • the creation of the universe
  • intelligent design
  • the reliability of the Gospels
  • the uniqueness of Jesus
  • the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection
  • the challenge of religious pluralism