SA’s Shocking Crime Wave Goes Viral


Cape Town – South Africa’s high incidence of crime is going viral, with footage from CCTV and private security, reflecting some of the country’s most shocking and brutal crimes, making its way on to YouTube.

And experts are torn on whether the footage, detailing everything from break-ins and hijackings to assault and murders, is being used as warnings to others or simply for its shock value…

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2 thoughts on “SA’s Shocking Crime Wave Goes Viral

  1. Seems that those in power are so busy enriching themselves that they have forgotten about the the plight of the poor and indeed the whole object of the liberation struggle to create a free , democratic, non racial society . Crime levels in any country are an indicator that many disenchanted people will simply take matters into their own hands,and take that which they believe is their right to have. They will resort to any level of violence,including murdering and raping innocent people to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.Yet it is the same voters who believe in the ANC the ANC’s empty promises who vote them back into power again and again.Mark my words, as in the case of Zimbabwe, the governing parties in RSA and Zim now have the power to change the Constitution of their respective countries, and will probably do so sooner rather than later. Surely Nelson Mandela did not spend 27 years in prison for this! We can only pray that the situation gets better before the country is forced to it’s knees, and total chaos ensues !

    1. Sadly Gentile apostasy will only worsen, as the great spiritual as too cultural deception deepens, with many antichrists and finally THE Antichrist! (2 Thess. 2 / Matt 24: 21-25, etc.) Surely the apocalyptic language represents a whole spiritual reality! The spiritual and cultural decay is all around us… almost total chaos will ensue, in the Middle East, around the Nation of Israel, (Zech. 14: 1-4, etc.) Will humanity survive the 21 century?

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