Always Our Media

Rod Dreher on how Time covered the Pope’s remarks about homosexuality:

… If Bishop Robinson believes that truth and justice require liberal reform on homosexuality, then he must, in good conscience, say so. I don’t blame him. What I do blame is the editorial leadership at Time magazine, for seeking out the opinion of a leader in a failing church staggering toward demographic extinction, asking him to tell the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world how to do his job like a grown-up. Time is not helping its readers understand basic realities and trends in religious life, but rather misleading them with groundless ideological optimism…

The whole piece here.



3 thoughts on “Always Our Media

  1. Sadly pope Francis has not helped the cause of righteousness here! He should have stood somewhat with Ratzinger’s position (2005), and stated that he has some empathy for the gays as human-beings, but their position is emphatically still sinful and wrong! This will be seen (and already has) as a relenting!

    1. somewhat baffling, that in his reaching out to the marginalized and disenfranchised Catholics – by way of his genuine & compassionate ‘Pastoral approach’, our Pope Francis declines to wear the ‘red shoes of the fisherman’–symbolic of the highest Office in the Church. Perhaps that is why the Holy Spirit has Pope Emeritus Benedict still very much alive and living in the Vatican – to assist Pope Francis a comfortable fit stepping into those ‘red shoes’–that clearly mark the Office and in the Church’s clear and definitive stance on moral and doctrinal issues.
      In my great love for Pope Francis, I fear too much confusion and open interpretation will only lead to greater frustration and disunity, thereby….
      Come Holy Spirit, come….

      1. Dear Margaret: WE are going to disagree here! I am not, nor will I ever be, a fan of “Francis”! To me, and my mind, the papacy is surely going down hill with Francis, and I say this sadly. But that is MY belief and position, but of course I don’t believe in any papal infallibility. But, I hope I am not anti-Catholic, and I don’t see my comments per se as such.

        But yes, Come Holy Spirit! 🙂

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