Bishop Glenn Davies Elected as Anglican Archbishop of Sydney

Anglican Ink is reporting news on one of the most important episcopal appointments in the Anglican Communion.

The Diocese of Sydney Synod has elected the Rt. Rev. Glenn Davies as its 12th archbishop in succession to the Most Rev Peter Jensen.

On 6 Aug 2013 the 800 members of synod chose Dr. Davies, the Bishop of North Sydney, to be the archbishop of Australia’s largest diocese, besting Canon Rick Smith, (49) rector of Naremburn-Cammeray Anglican Church.

Dr. Davies’ election as successor to Dr. Jensen thrusts the 62-year old archbishop-elect into the international Anglican spotlight, making him one of the de facto leaders of the conservative renewal movement of the Anglican Communion – and arguably the most influential “white” archbishop in the Communion after the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Details of the election have not yet been released, and a “social media” ban from the conference hall is in force, forbidding delegates from tweeting their news and views.

Biographical details of the new archbishop can be found at this website: (

The new archbishop will be installed on 23 August 2013.


One thought on “Bishop Glenn Davies Elected as Anglican Archbishop of Sydney

  1. A very nice man and a staunch Protestant. He will never wear a mitre, but stand as a real leader of half of all Anglican Australians.

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