Coptic Christian Girl Shot Dead in Egypt

A Coptic Christian girl walking home from a Bible class at her church was shot and killed this week in Cairo by an unidentified gunman, human rights activists said today.

Amid a near-constant din of threats and scattered attacks against the Christian population in Egypt by militant political Islamists, the rights representatives said 10-year-old Jessica Boulous of the Ain Shams section of Cairo was killed early Tuesday evening (Aug. 6) while walking from the Ahmed Esmat Street Evangelical Church through a market to her home with her Sunday school teacher.

The teacher turned to buy an item at a market stall only to turn back and find Jessica lying in the dirt in a puddle of blood, rights activists said. A Muslim shopkeeper who knew Jessica saw her fall to the ground and ran to her side. He took off his shirt, wrapped it around her motionless body and rushed her to a hospital, but she was already dead.

A single bullet had passed through her chest and heart, killing her instantly, witnesses said.

Nasr Allah Zakaria, Jessica’s uncle, said the killing has devastated the girl’s family.

“I just can’t believe she is gone,” Zakaria said. “She was such a sweet little girl. She was like a daughter to me. I can’t believe she is gone”…

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3 thoughts on “Coptic Christian Girl Shot Dead in Egypt

  1. With the current upheaval in Egypt, both Coptic Christians and those belonging to other denominations are now being persecuted in Egypt more than ever before. Radical Islamic groups who want former president Morsi re-instated are taking matters into their own hands resorting murdering innocent people such as this young girl. The BBC reported yesterday that the Coptic Pope has asked Coptic Christians not to attend services for fear of what may happen when people are assembled in worship , all because radical Islam has an agenda!
    Under the Muslim brotherhood after Morsi’s election, Egyptians have not seen the fruits of the Arab Spring revolution in their country. Whilst Morsi camre to power in a legitimate election, he was removed from office by the Military. One might ask ” Who is in charge of Egypt, both prior to and since the revolution? Is it The Army? They seem to have the clout, the resources and the power to do it, but who knows.
    The current situation in Egypt will only bring back the Army to control things and may well bring to power another ‘dictator’ like Mubarak and people like Nassar.
    Mubarak was ousted over a year ago and Egypt is still in a state of transition since then, but little has changed for ordinary Egyptians.
    Powerful Western states propped up Mubarak’s regime, but seemed to be reluctant to intervene when he was ousted in the revolution. As is the case in Syria, powerful western nations will try to keep out and not intervene. Noone wants another war like that in Iraq or Afghanistan. We need to pray hard that the situation will change for the better in these troubled regions. Acts such as this tragic death of an innocent young girl will not bring change but chaos. We don’t know her killers ,but the fact is, with the current chaos in Egypt, many individuals will take advantage to commit acts of violence against innocent people.

  2. So very sad! And when will the Western powers to be, realize that “Radical” Islam and Christianity are not compatible! The long history of both should show us this. Most especially as we realize that Christianity is actually Judeo-Christian! Btw, note the well known American theolog Walter Kaiser, Jr., who has himself written that perhaps the final Islamic Empire, will be just that “Islamic”, rather than a Western or Roman Empire in the Day of the Lord! (Note, Jesus words in John 13: 19)… The great I Am is Coming! Both the OT and the New point to that great reality – Zech. 14: 1-4, etc. / Matt. 24: 30-31 / Rev. 1: 7-8! … “The Mountain of Zion” over “the Mountain of Edom”. And while the prophecy has a profound partial-historical fulfillment in the ancient history between Israel and Edom, its great ultimate fulfillment is in the future, with the eschatological end and Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, “King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s”! (Rev. 19:16) See too, (Isa. 25, and Obadiah 1: 8-10, 15, with also Ezekiel 25: 12-17). Indeed the “time” is surely approaching! But note too, (Matt. 25: 1-13).

    *Yes, I am a so-called “Prophetic” guy, futuristic, Historic Premillennial, Post-trib. (mostly since 1993. And note, I “have” been A-Mill and even Post-Mill too, in my long Christian history). (Yes, my Gulf War 1 trip was a real wake-up call for me! We RMC’s also protected the Kurds! Lots of “insurgents” around in those days too).

    Come Lord Jesus!

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