Fr Raymond E. Brown Page

Timothy over at the Catholic Bibles Blog draws attention to the Fr Raymond E. Brown page.

Likely the most influential American Catholic Biblical Scholar of the twentieth century, Fr. Raymond Brown, who passed in August of 1998, now has a nifty website dedicated to him.  It includes articles, recollections, and opportunities to purchase some of his audio and video recordings.  This site looks pretty new, so I can imagine that we will see more added to it in the coming months.

Among Fr. Raymond Brown’s most prominent works, in English, would certainly be his Anchor Bible Commentary on the Gospel of St. John,  The Birth of the Messiah, The Death of the Messiah, and one of his last books An Introduction to the New Testament.  (I should also mention his work on the New Jerome Biblical Commentary.)

Here is a helpful bio of Fr. Raymond Brown from

When he died in August 1998 at the age of 70, Father Raymond Brown was the “acknowledged dean of New Testament scholarship and a master of his discipline at the pinnacle of his career”…

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One thought on “Fr Raymond E. Brown Page

  1. Raymond Brown was certainly one of those mid to late 20th century Catholic intellectual and scholar types, and yet there are both pro’s and con’s in that time and aspect. And note old Joseph Fitzmyer , S.J., is himself one of those, and is yet still alive in his early 90’s. But having heard him speak again in 09, he is getting old, God Bless him! He always was hard to listen to personally, not the greatest speaker for sure! But what a mind, certainly! I am much more an old Fitzmyer favorite myself, over Brown. But Fitz is a Pauline guy, and Brown was more a Johannine.

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