Bookshops of the Egyptian Bible Society Burnt and Destroyed

Dr. Ramez Atallah, director of the Bible Society of Egypt, writes today (August 14, 2013):

Dear friends,

I have just received the sad news of the complete burning and destruction(by Muslim fundamentalists)of our Bible Society’s bookshops in Assiut & Minia (the largest cities in Southern Egypt). These were both very beautiful, fully equipped bookshops. Fortunately we were closed today, fearing such an attack, so none of our staff were injured. The attackers demolished the metal doors protecting the bookshops, broke the store windows behind them and set the bookshops on fire. They did the same to many stores on those streets as well as demolishing many parked cars.

Similar incidents are taking place across the nation and to date 15 churches and 3 Christian schools have been attacked and some set on fire.

Dispersal of Sit-ins

Most of you know by now that the Egyptian police, supported by the army, have dispersed the demonstrators from one of the big sit-ins of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) protesters and are working now to evacuate the other, larger one.

To understand why most residents of Cairo feel that these sit-ins should not continue, you should imagine how long residents of New York – or your own city – would tolerate the following scenario:-

Imagine more than 10,000 protestors camped for six weeks in Times Square in New York. No traffic can go through the square and, as a result, all other traffic in the area becomes congested, especially at rush hour. People and businesses in the surrounding buildings have their lives completely disrupted – they can hardly get access to their shops or homes and cannot stand the stench of 10,000 people in the middle of summer using the street and sidewalks as housing. In addition these strangers have set up their own shops and facilities in the middle of the streets. So it is a very scary scene. Add to this the non-stop onslaught of speeches blaring from loudspeakers all day long, and those living in Times Square will neither rest nor sleep as long as the sit-in continues!

In retaliation for the government dispersing the sit-ins, this morning Muslim Brotherhood leaders called for nation-wide protests. In response to these calls, Muslim fundamentalists all over Egypt have gone on a rampage of violence; some of it aimed at Christian targets, but also targeting government institutions, police stations and private property especially parked cars.

One of the reasons why the government has been so reticent in dispersing the sit-ins was precisely because of the MB’s many threats of retaliation. So most Egyptians expected the violence. Nevertheless, it is heartbreaking to watch on TV this bloodshed between fellow-Egyptians unfolding before our eyes.

Trusting God for the future

It is important to underline that — while some Christian properties have been the victim of this violence — they are by no means the only ones targeted. This is an attack against the State by a violent minority in an attempt to destabilize the Nation. Please pray….

  • That the government may manage to disperse the remaining sit-in with as few injuries and loss of life as possible.
  • That these sad incidents would not increase the alienation of the MBs but that they would somehow be re-integrated into Egyptian society.
  • For protection for all Christian properties across the Nation.
  • For Christians to have a spirit of forgiveness and love towards those who are perceived as being our enemies.

Bible Society of Egypt, bookshop, burntThe Bible Society of Egypt has been in operation for 129 years and this is the first time we have been the victims of such attacks. We thank God for His protection, praise Him that none of our staff were injured, and are determined – as soon as things settle down – to rapidly restore these two bookshops to continue providing God’s Word in those two strategic cities. Sincerely in Christ,

Ramez Atallah, Bible Society of Egypt, signature

Ramez Atallah General Director The Bible Society of Egypt




3 thoughts on “Bookshops of the Egyptian Bible Society Burnt and Destroyed

  1. Yet again, an act of unnecessary violence by people who have little tolerance for any Faith other than their own. Theirs is a political agenda, bent on causing disruption and destablization in the country.Undersandibly people do vent their frustrations and anger at the current Egyptian interim government, but acts such as these are blatant dirsrespect for the rights of others who wish to see peaceful change in the country and to allow people to practice their faith freely. It would seem that these radical Islamic groups wish to destabalize Egypt and bring the country to its knees and force their radical law and brand of Islam onto everyone else. I believe that every congregation of Christians everywhere should pray for Peace in Egypt , and that they should heed Dr Ramez’s call for prayer and reconcilliation.

  2. Sadly we are well past real “peace” in the Middle East! Indeed God is lining up the eschatological pieces, for the End Time! As I quoted Walter Kaiser, Jr.’There… [is] A final Islamic Empire rather than a Western or Roman Empire [one coming] in the Day of the Lord!’ Come Lord Jesus!

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