ELCA Elects First Female Presiding Bishop(ess)

Religion News Service:

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on Wednesday (Aug. 14) elected the Rev. Elizabeth Eaton as the denomination’s first female presiding bishop. Eaton received 600 votes against incumbent Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson, who received 287.

Eaton, the current ELCA bishop of the Cleveland-based Northeast Ohio Synod, is married to the Rev. Conrad Selnick, an Episcopal priest. Like Hanson, she is considered a moderate who supported the denomination’s decision to allow partnered gay clergy while allowing room for churches to disagree, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

A native of Cleveland, she received a master of divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School.

“We are a church that is overwhelmingly European in a culture that is increasingly pluralistic,” Eaton told the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in Pittsburgh shortly after the election.

“We need to welcome the gifts of those who come from different places, that is a conversation we need to have as a church.”

The ELCA, which has lost members nearly every year since its founding in 1987, experienced a dramatic drop when it lost nearly half a million members in 2010 and 2011.

Hanson is credited with leading the nation’s largest Lutheran body — with more than 4 million members in 9,638 congregations — with a steady hand during turbulent times as the ELCA wrestled with the gay policy that Hanson favored but was hesitant to push on the larger church.

Even so, under his watch the Chicago-based ELCA saw a small but significant schism as conservatives upset with the decision to allow gay clergy defected to a new rival denomination, the North American Lutheran Church.

The election was a surprise to many, as Hanson was expected to win an unprecedented third term after 12 years in office. Hanson was the third presiding bishop in the denomination’s history; three of four finalists for the position were women…



3 thoughts on “ELCA Elects First Female Presiding Bishop(ess)

  1. I am not at all surprised! I have several friends who are Lutherans, and a few who are clergy,(from Brit’s to Americans), and the conservatives tell me the Lutherans are on their way to liberal like Anglicanism! I would like to think that the true Lutheran conservatives, in all churches Lutheran, might somehow come together? But I am afraid this is rather a dream! Even so, true Lutheranism has a vast history, and I pray they will go down swinging like all of God’s true regenerate remnant!

    Come Lord Jesus!

  2. A fitting end to a faith, birthed in the heresy of justification by faith alone and rebellion against the Holy See.

    1. Indeed “Denominations” may indeed die, but never the living faith of Christ in His Historical Churches! There are still many faithful “Lutherans” and Reformational Christians most surely biblically and theologically affected by Luther and his work! History also endures, as surely will God’s people, who are “themselves” the Elect Church, whoever and wherever they are! I cannot say how much the great Reformer, Dr. Luther has been of help to me, truly this human vessel of God has been one of my great men of Christian faith! soli Deo Gloria!

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