Violence Escalating Against Christian Churches in Egypt


Islamic zealots attacked 23 Christian churches in Cairo and surrounding regions on August 14, as violence spread after the Egyptian police cleared out camps of protesters supporting the ousted Morsi government.

Father Rafic Greiche, a spokesman for the Catholic Church in Egypt, said that 7 Catholic churches had been attacked, as well as 15 Coptic Orthodox churches and one Protestant church. Last week Father Greiche said that Egyptian Christians are living in fear because of Islamic violence; he has criticized the Western media for its failure to report the attacks on Christians.

The violence directed against Christian targets reflects the belief—widely held by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood—that Christians in Egypt conspired to bring down the Morsi government…



One thought on “Violence Escalating Against Christian Churches in Egypt

  1. It seems that these Zealots will stop at nothing to attack what they perceive to be a threat to Islam, and the Christians and Copts are convenient scapegoats. Islam as I understand it does not advoctate this kind of jihad, which is a convenient way of bringing the country more in line with becoming an Islamic state. Morsi, like it or not, was legitimately elected, but I think that the fruits of the Revolution have not trickled down into the lives of ordinary people. The Egyptian Army is, and always has been, a factor in Egyptian Society. If things don’t go to their likeing they simply stage a coup, which is indeed what has happened. The fact that the interim deputy president has resigned in protest at the way that the demonstrators, calling for Morsi’s re-instatement as the legitimately elected president of Egypt, and the manner in which the streets of Egypt were “cleared”, has been quite ruthless . The right to Peaceful protest , whether by the Muslim Brotherhood or anyone else , is a basic principle of any Democracy. Egypt and Egyptians need the prayers and support of the Western countries who should not be standing by and watching developments unfold. One should also remember that countries like the US and others have ‘propped up’ dictators like the ousted Mubarak in the past, and have indirectly contributed to the Revolution by doing so.
    Egypt, like Jerusalem, is ‘sacred’ to Islam , Christianity and to Judaism.
    Our Lord Jesus was himself a rufugee in Egypt as a child. The political situation there is complex and will need urgent attention to restore peace and to encourage prosperity for all its people. Ultimately the solution lies with the Egyptians themselves. Western nations will have another ‘Syria’ on our hands if the western world just sits back and watches developments unfold. Christians need to mobilize and send at least humanitarian aid to these war-torn countries. But in order to do so, peace needs to be restored to both Syria and Egypt as an urgent necessity.Should this not happen, I shudder to think of the resulting tragedy that will ensue for these nations.Right now we can only pray “Give Peace in our time , O Lord..”

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