How to Find a Spiritual Director

Canterbury Tales:

If you were going to go on a dangerous trip or invest a lot of money in something, you would want a guide to help you. Most of us are ready to get a tour guide and a financial advisor, but what about a guide for the most important aspect of your life? You need a spiritual director. But how do you find one?

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A Glimpse of the Ordinariate

And Damian Thompson has it.

Here are a couple of photographs taken by the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham when they celebrated Evensong and Benediction for the Feast of the Assumption last week; they’re in their new church in Warwick Street in the West End. This is what certain Anglo-Catholics in the C of E have turned down, preferring to stay in a denomination which repudiates their vision of the priesthood. Baffling.