How to Find a Spiritual Director

Canterbury Tales:

If you were going to go on a dangerous trip or invest a lot of money in something, you would want a guide to help you. Most of us are ready to get a tour guide and a financial advisor, but what about a guide for the most important aspect of your life? You need a spiritual director. But how do you find one?

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3 thoughts on “How to Find a Spiritual Director

  1. Thank God “Christ Jesus” is “my” spiritual director, the Great High Priest Himself, (prophet, priest and king!) HE lives in the “glory” on the Throne of God the Father, as too I am in “union” with Him there! (Eph. 1: 15-23 / Col. 3: 1-4). Indeed the true Christian lives spiritually above in & with Christ. It is here that we can see and realize that the Church is both visible and invisible ‘In Christ’, and HE is that that Church & Body itself!

    1. Fr. Robert, I like what Bullinger says about the duty of ministers in the Church:

      “Moreover, they are to comfort and to strengthen the fainthearted, and to arm them against the manifold temptations of Satan; to rebuke offenders; to recall the erring into the way; to raise the fallen; to convince the gainsyers to drive the wolf away from the sheepfold of the Lord; to rebuke wickedness and wicked men wisely and severely; not to wink at nor pass over great wickedness. And, besides, they are to administer the sacraments, and to commend the right use of them, and to prepare all men by wholesome doctrine to receive them; to preserve the faithful in a holy unity; and to check schisms; to catechize the unlearned; to commend the needs of the poor to the Church, to visit, instruct, and keep in the way of life the sick and those afflicted with various temptations. … it is especally required of him that he fear God, be constant in prayer, attend to spiritual reading, and in all things and at all times be watchful, and by a purity of life to let his light to shine before all men.” (Chpt. XVIII, “Of the Ministers of the Church, Their Institutino and Duties”)

      Sounds like “spiritual director” is a duty of the good pastor.

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