Egypt’s Cruellest Week

The police lieutenant put his boots up on the desk and casually reloaded his machine gun. “The problem is,” he said, nodding at a television that was live-broadcasting the siege of a nearby mosque, “these people are terrorists.”

It was mid-afternoon last Saturday, and for nearly 24 hours, the lieutenant’s colleagues in the police and army had surrounded the al-Fath mosque in central Cairo, inside which were hiding a few hundred supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi. On screen, it seemed like it was the soldiers doing the terrorising. But for the lieutenant, the terrorists were the ones on the inside. They had bombs, the policeman said: they deserved what they got. And a mob of locals agreed. “The police and the people,” chanted a crowd that had gathered to lynch the fugitives as they exited the mosque, “are one hand.”

It was a wretched scene – but one that has become familiar in Egypt…

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One thought on “Egypt’s Cruellest Week

  1. Many in the West don’t quite understand the great essence of Egypt, both historically and just in antiquity. Whatever happens here, will most surely effect to the whole region! This is Egypt, the land of the Pharaoh’s, and of course the great neighbor of Israel! And let us also remember, that there are many Christian Churches in Egypt, who have been quite under attack for some time, but especially this last week! I myself know some of The Coptic Orthodox, Church of Alexandria the largest Christian Church in Egypt and the Middle East. But they are under terrible persecution, let us pray, really pray for these our Christian Brethren, both ecclesiastically, historically (in history), and finally for Modern Israel too! There are also many Christians there. (Heb. 13: 3)

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