Thousands of Bees Take Refuge in Catholic Church

Fox News:

There’s a big buzz surrounding a Catholic church in Texas after 40,000 loud and potentially dangerous visitors took over.

“When you’re up in the air and the bees are unpredictable. If they happen to start attacking you don’t want to lose your balance,” Central Texas Bee Rescue Gillian Hodler said.

Workers at Holy Spirit Catholic Church sent pictures to Central Texas Bee Rescue out of Austin.

“Honey bees are capable of stinging,” she said.

About 40,000 bees ready to sting if provoked, so with proper equipment, a team went about 30 to 40 feet up to bring the hive down.

“We are definitely coming in here to mess with them,” Hodler said.

Central Texas Bee Rescue aims to protect people and the insects. In this case, the pests were sucked out, and they were taken to a remote location.

“Take it out into the country in a place called an aviary where we can set them up in a hive box, just a regular white, you know, bee box and they can live out there in peace,” Hodler said.

People at the church might have been praying for a peaceful solution.

Experts say merely spraying a pesticide might not get rid the problem.

“You may be able to kill the bees that are there but the honeycomb will still be there. It will still attract other pests,” Hodler said.



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