Bees and Icons

The respect bees have for holy icons:

In the region of Kapandriti near Athens, a wonderful thing happens. Ten years ago, a devout beekeeper named Isidoros Ţiminis, thought to place in one of his hives an icon of the Crucifixion of the Lord. Soon thereafter, when he opened the hive, he was amazed that the bees showed respect and devotion to the icon, having “embroideed” it in wax, yet leaving uncovered the face and body of the Lord. Since then, every spring, he puts into the hives icons of the Savior, the Virgin Mary and the Saints, and the result is always the same…

More with other photos here.



One thought on “Bees and Icons

  1. Fascinating! I have become interested in the ‘hallowed hobby of beekeeping’ only in the last couple years; if I ever get around to recreating with them–as in starting a hive, this would be a blessed way to begin (may even avert bee stings). Thank you for sharing this!

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