Traditional Ways of Praying: A.C.T.S.

Traditional Catholic Priest:

… we can always grow more in our love for Him and this happens in our time we spend in prayer.  So we want to look at our prayer life.

So quick questions are:

1) Do I pray everyday?  If I do not, how come?  No time.  Tired.  Television and Computer.

2) How well do I pray?  Short because I have other things to do.  Distractions.  Laziness.

3) Do I have faith that when I pray God will listen?

4) How much faith do I really have in God?  Total faith.  Blind faith.  Little faith.

5) Why do I pray?  I am in desperate need of help.  I know a Catholic has to pray.  I enjoy praying.  I feel obliged to pray.  I need help to overcome temptation.

6) What prayers do I say?  The Holy Rosary.  Assist at Holy Mass.  Other favorite prayers.  Quiet prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  Talk with God all day long at home or work.

7) What response have you received from God when you have prayed.  I often have my prayers answered.  Sometime I have my prayers answered.  I do not notice if God answers.  I try to remember all the time God has answered my prayers.

8) What prayers have been the most effective in a closer friendship with God?  Contemplative prayer of silence.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The Holy Rosary.  Novenas.  Short prayers from the heart.  Talking with God all day long.  Prayers of gratitude.  Humble prayers.

There is a famous way of remembering how to pray.  A.C.T.S.

Adoration.  We adore God to know that He is our God and deserves to be adored by us.  The “Mass of All Ages” is all about adoring God and not focused on the “me of all ages”.  Going before the Blessed Sacrament and talking to God in the depth of my heart and adoring Him because He truly is present in the Tabernacle.

Contrition.  Humbly going before God with deep felt sorrow for all the sins that have offended Him and hurt others.  Confession done well with great repentance.

Thanks Giving.  How many graces there are when we simply thank God for all He does for us every instant of our lives.

Supplication.  After adoring, begging for forgiveness and thanking God for everything, then is the time to ask for help.  God wants to help us.  The New Testament is full of examples of Jesus doing miracles for people who asked in all humility.

The Holy Rosary is a great way of praying while meditating on the life of Jesus.  It is an easy habit to get into and has great benefits like family unity and protection.

I would say above all that we believe that God works powerfully through prayer.  In this way it is very efficient use of time to pray.  Everything gets worked out.  We get strength.  We do not despair.  We experience God’s powerful action in our daily live.

Have blind faith and pray.




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