Bible Archaeology

Archaeology and the Bible

On the ASOR Blog:

Views of the excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath, courtesy of Aren M. Maeir.

Biblical Archaeology, that so-popular yet so-vilified profession, deals with the interface between the archaeological remains and the cultures in which the biblical texts were incubated, formed, edited and collected. We archaeologists therefore deal with a large corpus of finds from many periods and cultures, as it is clear that the biblical text mirrors, to various extents, facets of many cultural periods and regions. Since our profession deals with what, on face value, is the physical evidence of texts that are at the very foundation of western culture and religions, it has always been very popular, both for the believer and the non-believer. On the other hand, early attempts to “prove” the biblical texts on the basis of the archaeological remains were wrought with problems, which helped give the profession a bad name in some quarters.

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