Monument to Satan Rejected

Anglican Samizdat:

Instead, it has opted to mock Christianity with a Festivus pole and a Flying Spaghetti Monster display. I’m sure Christians will not only manage to withstand the onslaught but draw sustenance from observing how adrift in banality a civilisation can become when it abandons the truth upon which it was founded.

From here:

A Satanic group’s bid to put up a display at the Florida Capitol is being rejected by state authorities.

During this year’s holiday season several groups have allowed to put up displays in the rotunda because the area is considered a “public forum.”

A Nativity scene has been installed as well as a six-foot Festivus pole with beer cans around it. State officials this week also approved a display from a group called the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

But a request from a group calling itself The Satanic Temple has been denied.



3 thoughts on “Monument to Satan Rejected

    1. “…so closely is Romanism allied to Paganism, of which it is the outcome, that those who do not see the difference between Paganized Christianity and Bible Christianity, draw the false conclusion that Romanism is merely a corruption of Christianity, whereas it is little more than Christianised Paganism.”

      E. W. Bullinger, Commentary On Revelation

      I don’t quote this to be just mean and polemic, but because there is sadly more and more truth here! Yes, I am NO favorite of this new pope! But close study of both todays Jesuit social gospel, and the new Pope “Francis”, betray the Gospel in my opinion! Just too much “philosophy” and that old Roman scholasticism! Lord help us to read and believe St. Paul’s Epistle (Letter) to the Colossians! … 2: 8!

      Biblical truth is never popular, especially today in this glut of modernity and postmodernity!

      1. Well perhaps my statements might get a few Catholics and Anglo-Catholics to pop out of the woodwork? 😉 Surely as we mutter-about, the Gospel Kerygma which Paul called “the foolishness of Preaching to save them that believe.” (1 Cor. 1: 21), Is quite under attack!

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