The Anglican and Catholic Churches Have Finally Realised they Must Change to Survive

But is it too late?

The problem is not adults leaving the church: it is their children never going at all.

Have the Christian churches got it at last? Have they understood that it will soon be too late to halt the slow yet relentless decline they have experienced in this country, and on the continent of Europe, for many years? Yes, they are, finally, beginning to face up to reality. For example, the new Pope, Francis, has just published a truly remarkable document, “Evangelii Gaudium” or “The Joy of the Gospel”, in which he asks the Catholic Church to embark upon a fresh chapter of evangelization, and where he describes in great detail how this should be done. And more quietly, but no less insistently, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is engaged in the same task.

Just a word, first, about where one should direct one’s gaze. It is natural to bracket the Pope and the Archbishop together, but so great are the structural differences between the two Churches that this can mislead. In the Roman Catholic Church, everything flows down from the top, whereas in the Church of England authority is widely dispersed…

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One thought on “The Anglican and Catholic Churches Have Finally Realised they Must Change to Survive

  1. Sadly, both of these Christian Communions are little effecting our culture today! Historically the RCC has quite never really reformed itself fully, though perhaps they have at least held to the biblical and theological Christ, at least doctrinally, (though I myself favor the EO here). But the Anglican Communion, especially the CoE, as the Americans, have for the most part fallen badly, and quite into modernity & postmodernity, and even into apostasy! Myself, I just don’t see any real or lasting recovery from the depth of this in our culture today, and of course this includes the churches. Indeed the only lasting prevailing power on earth is the Holy Spirit of God, Himself God, and the real “Vicar” of Christ, only HE can “keep” the true Church of God. And really simply the Church is the “called out” community of believers (the literal “ekklesia”, or assembly) themselves the living Body of Christ on earth! (1 Peter 2: 4-10, etc.)

    Btw, thankfully and at one time historically, the classic Anglican Communion (with the English Reformed Thirty-Nine Articles) are closer, to my mind to the ancient and apostolic church & churches, especially as to doctrine and theology. Indeed the church of the via-media, catholic but reformed. This was the essence of the Apostles Doctrine & Fellowship (Acts 2: 42). And yes, to my mind again, the Reformation was a great time of biblical & theological study and renewal, most especially as to the doctrine of salvation! Indeed again more has come in the area of Eschatology, and certainly the doctrine of National Israel. We Gentiles only come into “their” promises and covenant, not “replacement”, but fulfillment theology, (Rom. 15: 8-9 / Eph. 2: 11-12-13, etc., noting too 17 thru 22).

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