Fears of Jeans and Hoodies in Pulpit: Synod to Decide Over Clergy’s Robes

  • Peter Owen-Jones said he would wear this outfit for some services if his parishioners in East Sussex were happy with the rulesTraditional robes could be voted out in bid to make services more modern
  • Vicars could wear whatever they deem appropriate under new rules
  • Conservatives warn changes would dilute the identity of the Church
  • Others welcome news describing ‘power dressing’ as a barrier

The Daily Mail:

Never mind the cassocks – vicars could soon be conducting services in shell-suits, shorts or even football shirts under radical plans to overturn centuries of Church tradition.

Rules requiring the clergy to don traditional vestments are set to be swept aside as part of a ‘makeover’ designed to make services more relevant to modern congregations.

If the Church of England Synod approves the reforms, vicars could wear whatever they deem appropriate for all their services – including weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Although most are likely to favour smart jackets, some have indicated they would adopt a ‘dress-down Sunday’ approach…

But traditionalists are enraged by the proposals, with one senior Synod member saying it could lead to clergy  conducting services in tracksuits.

He said: ‘Some clergy already won’t wear a clerical collar. Soon they will be wearing shell-suits in the sacristy. We need to keep a sense of  identity as Anglicans, and the robes are a way of providing that.’

Read whole piece here.



2 thoughts on “Fears of Jeans and Hoodies in Pulpit: Synod to Decide Over Clergy’s Robes

  1. Indeed I am myself pretty laid back, but at the hospital, doing church liturgy (especially Word & Sacrament), really anything I consider ministerial, I wear at least my collar, and oftentimes stole. But, I have been known to wear my blue-jeans, with my black suit jacket and collar! I love my black Van’s.. slip-ons (that’s shoes). But as an old RMC, my hair (which thank God I have!), I keep rather short. 😉

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