Girl (10) Kills Mom with Air Rifle Brother Got for Christmas

IOL police tapeChristmas gone wrong.

Cape Town – A 10-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed her mother with an air rifle her brother got as a Christmas present, Beeld reported on Friday.

The 45-year-old woman died in a Cape Town hospital on Christmas eve, following the accident in Oude Westhoff, Bellville.

The rifle was a Chrismas present for the girl’s older brother.

Police spokesman Lt-Col Andre Traut told Beeld they were investigating. -Sapa

How on earth can you buy a child an air rifle for Christmas?!



2 thoughts on “Girl (10) Kills Mom with Air Rifle Brother Got for Christmas

  1. Years ago there was a campaign in South Africa to stop these kinds of ‘gifts’ being given to children and young adults as Christmas gifts. Seems very strange to me that anyone would give their children an air rifle for Christmas. What ever happened to the campaign for a ‘gun free’ South Africa? This is a very sad and tragic incident, the wounds of which will take years to heal. I’m sure it was accidental, but this could have been avoided by not buying the gun in the first place.

    1. Guns must be properly handed! They are tools themselves, but dangerous ones, but still tools in themselves! But so much for the Red Ryder BB gun I suppose? Sad, for guns don’t really kill people, but the people behind the gun, accident or otherwise! When will we get this issue!

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