While I Was Away…

And after an afternoon spent in quietness and solitude, I ended up taking some photos (experimenting a little with my Nikon) of my Bible and Rosary. Tell me what you think (of the pics).

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8 thoughts on “While I Was Away…

  1. Happy New Year, father Stephen.
    Great photos. They have an appearance of quiet calm and prayerful solitude!

  2. Nice Bible and pic’s! I did not know that you loved the Rosary? As a one time Irish born Roman Catholic, I have rubbed my share of rosary-beads! But now of course since I am an Anglican Protestant evangelical, I am closer to Luther on Mary. She is surely the Theotokos (God-bearer), Incarnation. As too Mary Ever-Virgin for me. But not an intercessor!

    But indeed the contemplative life is a meditative interior place, and prayer can be mental and pensive, but also as Paul says IN Jesus Name!

    My thoughts are not a debate here, each must have his own biblical conscience! God alone knows and sees the essence of prayer!

      1. The great beauty of Christ as the Logos and the Rhema, begin with the great expression of thought, as embodying a conception or idea, i.e. the Logos, and then move too, in the area of that Word as expressed in great individual utterance: discourse, speech and instruction! But too the Personal Word (Logos) is the “Personality” of God, “face to face” in the great relation in the Godhead, “Father and Son”, with the union-person of the Holy Spirit! (Indeed John 1:1, His Existence: Beyond Time; His Personal Existence: In active Communion with God (again face to face); His Nature: God In Essence!

        I could not help myself! Such a grand subject! 😉

      2. Quite profound! Is it any wonder that the great Aquinas, after experiencing a divine ecstasy, destroyed most of his latter writings saying, “in comparison…they are like straw” –
        unutterable utterances!
        yes, what an incomprehensible Gift we have in Christ Jesus – God spoke His Thought and His Word became Flesh! The heavens proclaimed His going forth and coming among us and upon this “great Utterance”, the shepherds went forth–Praising and Glorifying God!
        The “Nativity” scene – in all its rare Simplicity and great Beauty – speaks to me of the most ‘perfect picture’ that ever was or ever will be–this side of heaven!

      3. Yes, thanks be to God we have what we have from Aquinas, nicknamed the “dumb ox” when he was a boy, because of his large size and quiet ways. I am certainly a fan of this thinker- theolog! Who btw called himself an “Augustinian”.

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