Jesus of Testimony

A new film that looks interesting.


2 thoughts on “Jesus of Testimony

  1. Yes, it seems they found a few conservatives (and some over 40 😉 ), at least as to the reliability of the NT Text! I think I saw even Dan Wallace and Craig Blomberg there! 😉 Yes, I noted Richard Bauckham there too, though he is generally not a conservative mind, but at least somewhat logical. See his book: God and the Crisis of Freedom. I would myself, recommend D.A. Carson’s book: Christ and Culture Revisited…thinking again of old H. Richard Niebuhr’s book: Christ and Culture! The issue is still modernity & postmodernity! And how can we even get to epistemology, if we don’t have the presupposition of belief in the Biblical Text? Again, this is the real issue of any so-called Historical Jesus!

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