The Main Problem of the Western Church

Is the scandal of disunity, according to NT Wright:



One thought on “The Main Problem of the Western Church

  1. This is nothing new! Having written on another blog, after years of reading and watching Wright change in his theology (as all of us theolog’s do), I have out-grown his “Open Evangelicalism”! To my mind (as others see too), he has simply gone his own way, and really apart form the historical church! Note his position on women in ordination, should help us see he is always willing to compromise core issues! And he has also done this on the nature of GOD;s saving grace and glory! Either Justification by Faith alone in Grace alone (those Sola fides In Christum), is either part of the Holy Grail of Reformed and Reformational Theology and Divinity, or not! And Luther and Calvin continue to testify here! And in the end, they are chained & connected to the great Sola Scriptura! Plenty of “unio mystica” here too …mystical union or union by the presence of grace alone! “The union is mystical because it rests on the mystery of grace and the unsearchable mercy of God…. The orthodox therefore define the unio mystica as the spiritual conjunction (coniunctio spiritualis) of the Triune God with the believer in and following justification.” (Richard Muller)

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