The Russian Veto Against Francis and Bartholomew

The embrace between Rome and Constantinople is renewed. But a document from the patriarchate of Moscow freezes the discussion between Catholics and Orthodox on the powers of the pope over the universal Church…

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3 thoughts on “The Russian Veto Against Francis and Bartholomew

  1. I myself, have to agree with the Russian Orthodox here, at least theologically!

    “We all, the Orthodox are convinced that in the first millennium of the existence of the Church, in the times of the undivided Church, the primacy of the bishop of Rome, the pope, was recognized. However, it was honorary primacy, in love, without being legal dominion over the whole Christian Church. In other words, according to our theology, this primacy is of human order; it was established because of the need for the Church to have a head and a coordinating center.”

    And of course myself, as a Evangelical Anglican, I cannot follow places too in EO or Orthodox theology! But we should have some common ground, as those that believe in the Divinity of Christ, and the redemptive ground of Christ’s Death & Resurrection/Ascension!

    1. I wonder if the MP has studied 16th century magisterial Lutheranism? I suspect Master Philip is looking down from heaven smiling…

      “I, Philip Melanchthon, regard the above articles as right and Christian. However, concerning the pope I hold that, if he would allow the Gospel, we, too, may concede to him that superiority over the bishops which he posseses by human right, making this concession for the sake of peace and general unity among the Christians who are now under him and who may be in the future.” [His signing statement to Martin Luther’s Smalcald Articles, Dec. 1536]

      1. Though surely many Protestants, past and present, see the papacy as antichrist! I have a good friend here! I of course don’t share that whole, but there have been times when Rome WAS simply antichrist! And now we have this “Francis”…hum? 😉

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