Day of Prayer for Benedict XVI

And missed he is.

To mark the first anniversary of the end of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI on Feb. 28, 2014, the Italian blog “La Vigna del Signore” (The Vineyard of the Lord) has launched a “Day of Prayer for Pope Benedict.”The organizers say it is a “way to remember and celebrate the historic resignation from the Petrine ministry of Pope Ratzinger, praying with and for Benedict.”

Anyone can take part in the prayer at any time of the day, offering a special intention for the Pope emeritus…

They can stop for a short personal prayer, or choose moments when Benedict XVI usually prays during the day: 7.00 Mass / 7:30 Morning Prayer, Office of Readings and Midday Prayer, 12:00 Angelus and Midday Prayer, 15:00 Rosary, 18:00 to 19:00 Vespers, Compline 22:30.

The organizers of the initiative, launched on Facebook, are also preparing an online brochure with the texts of all the prayers of the day, along with a special recitation of the Rosary. The meditations on the mysteries will be taken from the Magisterium of Benedict XVI.

On the NET:

Day of Prayer for Benedict XVI on Facebook. (Italian)

Pope Benedict XVI (Reuters / Tony Gentile)



2 thoughts on “Day of Prayer for Benedict XVI

  1. Sadly Benedict/Ratzinger is off the scene, and now “retired” or “resigned”! And now this pope “Francis” is quickly taking the church & faithful Catholics in a new and very radical and social direction! If ever there was a time for evangelical Catholic types to take a very hard look, it is now! But indeed read and follow Benedict! Often we just must make spiritual, and biblical-theological separations! (2 Tim. 2: 19 trough 21)

    If ever there was a time of a Church within a so-called Church, in Catholicism, it is now! Of course I write as one “outside” of Roman Catholicism, and this is quite obvious. But the Church in my thinking (as others), is both Visible and Invisible, see even Pope John Paul II, and his teaching on “the Body”!

  2. thank you for this – I will certainly be remembering and uniting myself with all in prayer for our beloved papa Benedict!
    he told us that he is not leaving just to retire to a personal life, but will very much remain active in prayer and sacrifice for the entire Church. This is an excellent gift of love for love!

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