Kalashnikov ‘Repented Killings’ in Letter to Church

Yes, the AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova) has historically been the weapon of choice for terrorists and other evildoers. More AK-type rifles have been produced than all other assault rifles combined. Now, the Telegraph is reporting that,

The creator wrote a lengthy emotional letter to Russian Orthodox Church to repent in the months before his death in December.

Mikhail Kalashnikov presents the submachine gun named after him

The designer of the Kalashnikov assault rifle was apparently so racked with guilt that he sought solace from the head of the Russian Orthodox Church to express remorse for those killed by his invention.

In a lengthy letter to Patriarch Kirill, Russia’s chief cleric, written just six months before his death in December Mikhail Kalashnikov described struggling with the “unbearable spiritual torment” of knowing the carnage the AK-47 rifle wreaked upon the world.

“My spiritual torment is unbearable. One and the same question: if my rifle killed people does that mean that I, Mikhail Kalashnikov, 93 years of age, the son of a peasant, Christian and orthodox by faith, am responsible for people’s deaths, even if they were enemies?” He wrote.

Mr Kalashnikov, who died on December 23 at the age of 94, began designing weapons after being wounded in battle during the Second World War.

He later blamed the Nazis for prompting him to invent the AK-47, the assault rifle that sired a family of weapons that has been called Russia’s most successful global brand.

But while he was known to have expressed regret at how it had been misused, Mr Kalashnikov always publicly defended his invention, saying in successive interviews that he had designed it only to be used in defence of the country.

Born and bred in the Soviet Union, and later a national hero of the fiercely secular Communist state, Mr Kalashnikov was for most of his life an atheist.

But in his letter to Kirill, which was reproduced by the Russian daily Izvestia on Monday morning, the aging designer explained how he turned to God as he grew older.

Mr Kalashnikov wrote that he his conversion began with the sense of “excitement” he felt when he first entered a church at the age of 91, later being baptised into the Orthodox faith.

A spokesman for the Church said Patriarch Kirril had welcomed the letter and even written a reply.

“This letter was very welcome at a time of attacks on the Church. The Patriarch thanked the legendary designer for his attention and position and answered that Mikhail Timofeevich was himself an example of patriotism and appropriate attitude to the country,” Patriarch Kirill’s spokesman Alexander Volkov told the paper.

And he added that from the Church’s point of view Mr Kalashnikov had little to repent for, at least as far as his invention is concerned.

“The Church has a very definite position: when weapons serve to protect the Fatherland, the Church supports both its creators and the soldiers who use it,” Volkov said.

“He invented that weapon for the defence of the country, not for the use of Saudi Arabian terrorists,” he added.

Wikipedia has more on Lt Gen Mikhail Kalashnikov here.



3 thoughts on “Kalashnikov ‘Repented Killings’ in Letter to Church

  1. I had this weapon fired at me many times in my life, and saw even some friends of mine die because of it. But the weapon was only the tool, the man (and women in Nam), were the ones pulling the trigger! Good words from some in the Eastern Orthodox Church (no doubt many of our Western Church leaders would not be so understanding!) But surely RIP Mr. Kalashnikov! Some of us still remember the cost to end the reign and terror of German Nazism! One of my own older cousins was killed in Anzio. His father, one of my great uncles gave me his V-45 commando knife. He was a member (all the way from Ireland) to the American & Canadian so-called “Devils Brigade”! And it is indeed a treasure I will pass on to my own sons and family!

    1. After reading the Economist’s obituary, what he needed to fully repent from was his Stalinism! I hope he did that. Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism, in all there forms around the world (that includes you Mao and you too Castros), collectively murdered upwards of 100 million. Many millions before the AK-47 was invented. Many millions more after the invention. The ideology, not the gun, was the true evil!

      1. Yes Amen… sadly much American ideology has gone so liberal, even socialist now! Will conservative ideology ever become central in America again? I still like FOX News over any other, myself. Sadly the dumbing-down has been going on in the West for some time. And we British have ruined ourselves with overt immigration.

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