It’s Taken an American to Expose the Brutal Truth of Britain’s Military Decline

The Telegraph:

Harrier on aircraft carrier
None of these, any more. (Photo: EPA)

Robert Gates’s devastating critique of Britain’s military decline since the Government’s ill-considered 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review is as long overdue as it is welcome.

The former US Defence Secretary, who served under both the Bush and Obama administrations having previously enjoyed a glittering career at the CIA, says the “fairly substantial reductions” to the defence budget undertaken by the Coalition mean that Britain can no longer viewed as a “full partner” by the US.

So far as our national security is concerned, this is simply devastating. Close military cooperation between Britain and the world’s only superpower if essential if we are to stand any chance of defending ourselves, as well as protecting our interests overseas.

But – as I have argued consistently since the SDSR cuts were announced – the Government has blithely pressed ahead with cutting the MOD’s budget without giving the slightest consideration to the damage it has inflicted to our defence capabilities, and the disastrous effect this would inevitably have on our standing as a leading military power.

In response to Mr Gates’s comments, the Ministry of Defence has trotted out its usual formula for defending the indefensible – Britain still has the fourth largest defence budget in the world,  still retains powerful military capabilities, blah, blah, blah…



3 thoughts on “It’s Taken an American to Expose the Brutal Truth of Britain’s Military Decline

  1. Some of us have seen this coming for Britain for quite some time! And when ‘the balloon goes up’ the Brits won’t be ready yet again! This is all really part of the moral, spiritual and religious apostasy that is certainly being seen even now in the whole of the Gentile so-called Free World and Nations. And sadly this will include the US. What will the Brit’s and the Americans be doing when the siege of Jerusalem just preceding the battle of Armageddon begins? They won’t be helping Israel, or even able perhaps, or even willing! How can we not see the handwriting on the wall to these things? Because we are becoming dull, one thinks in Jeremiah of both Judah’s sin of external religion (Jer. 7), and Judah’s futile idolatry (Jer. 10)! This hits the nail head on the Gentile Nations today!

  2. A lot of experience flowed out of the forces in the SDSR and it devastated efficiency and moral.
    No longer a vocation, it’s regarded by most lads as just a job with no future.
    The only aircraft worth a damn is the Tornado, and as for ships? Don’t go there.
    What I joined in the 70’s is now a pitiful joke because of limp wrist politicians.

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