Evolution, Chance, and God

The affirmation of genuine chance and randomness in the universe does not rob the universe of meaning and purpose.

The BioLogos Forum has the piece.

Evolution, Chance, and God


4 thoughts on “Evolution, Chance, and God

  1. Process Theology always falls short for me, and I am personally not a BioLogos fan myself, but again not a secret from me at least. I am again a “Biblicist”, and this includes God’s different genres. I say this to simply seek to be faithful to God’s Word, though quite often I cannot define it, nor really can any “theolog”! Indeed God is and simply must be Sovereign, as is any real Judeo-Christian revelation and even definition of God! And btw when the real push came to shove for Aquinas, he defined himself as an Augustinian!

  2. In His Infinite Wisdom and ‘creative possibilities’ God constrained Himself–‘in the fullness of time’–by Way of His Personhood in Christ Jesus. then so it is that Jesus could say: “I only do what I see the Father doing” and again, “It is for this that I came into the world”. It would seem that if we too could be so perfectly aligned with God’s Will and our purpose and Life so well defined as His, we could know more fully the meaning & purpose of our existence and that of all Creation–“be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”! so too, ‘randomness & chance’ would not appear as such a contradiction to Faith, but rather all things becoming subject unto Christ–in time!

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