Popular South African Dutch Reformed Minister and Author Ds Solly Ozrovech Accused of Child Molestation

I saw this on the front page of the Sunday Newspaper, Die Rapport, after Church today:

Die skokbewerings van twee anonieme mans dat die bekende skrywerspredikant Solly n familie.

Gister, toe ons my pa soengroet, kon ek agterkom hy wou nie los nie, en daai brose man van 87 se lyf sê Francois en skielik kom die trane oor sy pa.

“Ek kan nie vir jou beskryf wat dit aan ons doen nie, ’skuus, ek het my voorgeneem ek sal nie…

“My pa is klaar met sy een voet in die graf. Ons het letterlik gesien hoe hy binne dae nog verder agteruitgaan, sy skuifelstappie raak al hoe strammer.”

My pa is vernietig. Selfs al is daar ’n hofsaak en hy word onskuldig bevind, sal sy naam nooit weer in ere herstel word nie.

“Sestig jaar lank bly hierdie beweerders doodstil. Om my pa nóú – onder skuilname – na sy graf te jaag? En hulle probeer om hom só, in ’n týdskrif, aan die kaak stel?

“Huisgenoot en YOU het as’t ware my ouers voorgelê en oorrompel, sonder enige respek vir hul bejaardheid.

In ’n oënskynlike hinderlaag op ’n Vrydagmiddag vier-uur is twee mense van onderskeidelik 82 en 87, wat
ooglopend nie meer gesond is of vlug van geheue nie, gekonfronteer met aantygings van kriminele gedrag.

“Dit terwyl nóg die klaers nóg my pa bewyse van skuld of onskuld kan aanvoer.

“My ouers was so naïef, hulle’t gedink Huisgenoot gaan die storie los nadat hy gesê het hy’s onskuldig. My
geskokte pa het nie heeltemal besef wat aan die gang is nie…

More here.

And this:

Huisgenoot 1.4 23 January 2014


Huisgenoot 1.5 30 January 2014

Huisgenoot has published a follow-up article and front page story, with another man (Kobus*, 66) coming forward to say that he was molested by Solly Ozrovech when he was 12/13. Kobus did confront Solly about this 13 years ago, but Solly’s reply was yet again shameful. You can read more about this in my new post about this week’s Huisgenoot.

Straight into 2014, Huisgenoot has published a cover and story that will make massive waves all over South Africa, and it will be the talking point around many water coolers, for many more weeks…! They received claims from a gentleman saying that he was sodomised  by Solly Ozrovech (popular Christian books author and priest, 85) as a young boy while he was in an orphonage that Solly and his wife was part of…

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 9.49.33 AM

I’ve already read claims on Social Media of Solly-fans standing behind him, and saying the claims are false and that they are dissapointed in Huisgenoot for a number of reasons (just read the thread of comments…). No one seems to have actually read the article (and the letters that were sent between them), because if they did, they would know that the person claiming this, didn’t run to Huisgenoot immediately, but that there’s a history to these claims…

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 9.49.53 AM

Johan (false name, and now in his 60′s and living abroad) contacted Solly in September 2013 directly via e-mail after keeping it silent for so many years. When reading the thread of e-mails and correspondence in Huisgenoot, I could really feel Johan’s pain, and every person can read between the lines in Solly’s responses. There is no way that Huisgenoot would run with a story like this, without crossing all their t’s and dotting their i’s.

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 9.50.01 AM

To me, this isn’t just a story that Huisgenoot is publishing to look for sensation or copy sales, but a story with a much bigger importance… if the claims are true, then it’s important to be known, and for all the possible victims to get the opportunity to get closure. You’ll notice at the end of the article that Huisgenoot has published an e-mail address (something the seldolmly do), and I think part of the reason is because they’re expecting others to also come forward after reading Johan’s letters and side of the story… And of course 100′s if not 1 000′s of letters of angry readers and Solly-fans…



10 thoughts on “Popular South African Dutch Reformed Minister and Author Ds Solly Ozrovech Accused of Child Molestation

  1. False charges construed against old men by alleged victims claiming decade-old sexual assaults, seem to have developed into a fashionable pastime nowadays! Isn’t it time that the malicious nature of these deeds be declared criminal, and sentences on par with those handed down for the crimes alleged, also be dealt to those bringing false accusations?

      1. And how do you know they are true? Are you a purveyor of gossip? I know nothing about the accuser, but I do know something about Solly Ozrovech and I will side with him.

    1. When it comes to sexual abuse though the devastation and hell that victims have to endure only gets worse with time, so if it happened decades ago then it is even worse. Also victims of sexual abuse especially if they were children when it occurred find it very difficult to bring it out into the open… Thus decades may indeed lapse… This however does not dilute the crime in any way and may even mean the the perpetrator has many more years of freedom to abuse countless others before being brought to book!
      On the other hand there have been cases of false allegations against celebrities. The trouble here is that once accused of this sort of crime even if found innocent their lives have effectively been ruined.

      1. I am not going to judge Mr Osrovech. The way I judge him, is the way God is going to judge me. To the family of mr Osrovech. I pray for you and God will comfort you trough this. Trust in God.

        Your brother in Christ. Arthur Stevens

  2. If these accusations are true, it might be that God is giving Mr Ozrovech an opportunity to make the necessary amends before man and God. If they are not true, this will be the biggest test of character any person of his age , as well as the accusers, could face. My thoughts and prayers are with him and the accusers, to do what is right and not what is in their best interest.

  3. I’m very disappointed how Christians seem to go about resolving their differences through smear campaigns. There cannot be any justification to absolutely annihilate another person with allegations in public, and in many ways it is the greater of the two crimes. To get closure is a weak excuse, since the whole initiative has more extreme and vindictive undertones with complainant lording it over ‘his new victim’ about the T&C’s he would find acceptable! A great pity indeed and a slur on Society in essence.

  4. The truth shall triumph. The victim will be set free. The guilty person must be punished. God have mercy on the liar. Gods grace will reign forever.

  5. At the end of the day ALL of us are sinners.. Period. Sexual Molestation is a serious sin but no worse or better than any other sin. Religious Pillars of the Community are unjustifiably expected to be saints but they are sinners nevertheless. The question in this case though is whether it is true and whether solly has repented of this sin. Repent means owning up taking responsibility to the victims and the Lord and Moving forward in Humility. it is not the end of the world. BUT hiding and sweeping past sins under the carpet is NOT acceptable and flies in the face of the followers of this Man and against the teaching of the Lord.

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